Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The story of a gassy pig

Crap. I brewed another bitter last month and split the batch between several 22-ounce bottles and a party pig and it seems the pig is massively over-carbonated. Pure foam. I tapped it for the first time tonight and easily and quickly filled a liter-sized mug with 100 percent foam. I'm not sure what happened except that maybe because I batch primed that the priming sugar didn't evenly mix and the yeast in the pig beer had too much sugar to eat. The beer is also very cloudy which is unusual for a pig beer (the pressure usually seems to force the yeast out of suspension.) The beer smells fine; very neutral actually, and it tastes rather fruity with a sneaky bitterness that isn't too strong at first then sort of builds with each sip. I don't think it's infected, probably just overcarbonated (I mixed a half-cup of priming sugar to carbonate the whole batch.) I'm thinking that the next batch that I split between pigs in bottles I should probably cut back the sugar a little bit to maybe a third cup and see what happens or maybe I'll just get the parts I need so I can put a whole batch in party pigs.

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Marc said...

Bottles over-carbed a bit, too. Ah, well....need to be more careful with priming sugar and make sure that the beer is finished fermenting.