Saturday, January 03, 2009

Yorkshire Bitter update

Last night I cracked open a "tester" bottle (half-liter swingtop) of my last batch of homebrew and I'm pretty pleased with how it carbonated in the last week or so. I'm a bit concerned with the level of bitterness; it's fantastic right now, but I'm wondering if it might fade with time. I guess this shouldn't really be a concern as this 20-pint batch will go rather quickly. The Wyeast West Yorkshire Ale yeast that I used seems to have worked out; it seems to have contributed some fruity esters while keeping the balance relatively full. I think the blend of toasted and crystal malts in this batch worked well, too, but I'm reserving final judgment until I tap the Party Pig of this beer. Here's the recipe, if anyone is interested. Naysayers will say that it can't be any good because I've used dry malt extract, but I think DME and specialty grains can make pretty tasty beer.

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