Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One beer racked and another brewed

Phew...I'm tired. I got right to brewing after work today. My target is another simple English Bitter, hopefully improving slightly on the last, using the Wyeast 1469 West Yorkshire. This was a simple recipe: one can of Munton's Light, two pounds of Munton's Dry Malt Extract, 1 ounce of Amarillo hops for 60 minutes, a half-ounce for 30 minutes and a three-quarters of an ounce mix of Fuggle and Styrians steeped at the end of the boil. All the hops were pellets. Added Irish Moss for clarity at 15 minutes to the end of the boil. I experienced a minor boil over, but the bigger problem was when my wort chiller came apart. Fortunately, I was able to make repairs to the chiller. Cleaning up all the water on the floor wasn't too much fun, but at least none of the chiller water got into the wort.

I've also forgotten to report that I brewed the Northern Brewer Barleywine back two weeks ago. I racked this batch into the secondary tonight so I could use the primary for the bitter. I didn't reuse the yeast because I figured I already used it once, it was tainted with a lot of hops. I pitched fresh Wyeast 1469 for the bitter. The barleywine tasted deliciously strong with a fair amount bit of a banana aroma -- some interesting esters for sure. I figure I'll let the barleywine sit in the secondary for at least a couple weeks before bottling.

Changes to the bitter (compared to the last batch) included substituting Munton's light DME for the sugar and changing up the hop schedule; using some American hops for bittering instead of all English.

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