Saturday, January 31, 2009


Enjoyed a Port Brewing Wipeout IPA this evening.

I've been meaning to get to this beer for awhile now. I remember being captivated by it the now defunct Real Ale Fest in Chicago several years ago. Lots of fruity hops in this orange-ish ale. Bits of grapefruit, mango, bitter orange in the aroma of this beer. You can taste of these hoppy qualities, too. The bitterness is potent, and balanced with just enough pale malts and no doubt some dextrin malt to keep the hops from making this beer unbearably bitter. No caramel malt or other malt flavors are noticeable. I've read about some carbonation problems with the beer, but I thought the carb was perfect. The beer poured with plenty of carbonation and a fairly persistent head. Overall, a very delicious IPA that I would definitely revisit and recommend.

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