Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rockin' Red Ale

Enjoying a red ale tonight that I brewed back in February. It's unbelievable how fresh it still tastes. Granted, it's spend most of those nine months or so at about 65 degrees. Thanks Ryan, for use of your cellar, er, basement!

This red ale that I'm enjoying has an almost cedar-like hop character that mixes well with the dark caramel malts that I used which add a hint of roasted coffee in the nose. The flavor is perfectly hoppy and bitter with a bit of hard candy sweetness: just delicious! I think I'm making the recipe my house beer for the cooler months. The recipe is pretty simple: light dry malt extract, 150L British crystal malt, 80L British crystal malt and Amarillo hops added at the start of the 60-minute boil, at a half hour and 15 minutes to the end of boil with an ounce steeped in the kettle with the heat off at the end. I recently brewed this recipe again and after a couple weeks in bottles it's good, but not quite as good as this old batch I'm sampling from February 2008. Perhaps the new batch just needs to mellow.

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