Monday, December 22, 2008

A bit bitter about not bottling Yorkshire Bitter

December is a busy month for me because I work in retail. As a result, I haven't had time to post much in the last few weeks. I did get the chance to brew recently and I'm waiting for time to package up what's been fermenting in my closet. This was another small batch (3.5 gallons) that comprised two pounds of Munton's DME, three-quarters pound of organic Turbinado sugar, a half pound of Victory malt, six ounces of crystal malt and a quarter pound each of Crystal 10L and 150L. I added an ounce of East Kent Goldings pellets at 15 minutes into the 60-minute boil and a combination of Fuggle and Styrians at the end of the boil (haf ounce each.) I pitched one Activator pack of Wyeast 1469 West Yorkshire after cooling with my immersion wort chiller. I also added Burton Water Salts at the start of the boil. I'm hoping for a bitter with a decent amount of complexity with good mouthfeel up front and a dry, bitter finish. It's been in the plastic fermenter 10 days (some would say way too long) and I need to get racked our packaged. I might not have time for this until Christmas, so my fingers are crossed on this one.

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