Monday, November 17, 2008

Red Ale bottled

The red ale I wrote about in my last post has been bottled. It was another three-gallon batch. I filled 14 22-ounce bottles, 1 Grolsch swingtop and a large 1-liter swingtop. The red ale tasted great. It has a decent hop aroma, sweet caramel flavors with just a hint of roasted grains a lightly hoppy middle and long hoppy, smooth bitter finish. Citric hoppy flavors and bitterness builds with each sip. The body is fairly light; the batch attenuated well. Assuming the bottle conditioning goes well, I may need to brew another batch of the stuff. Meanwhile, the blond American bitter in my Party Pig has smoothed out a bit. I suppose some lagering has occurred, even in the last week or so. It tastes much better, but it is still lacking the toasted malt flavor of the previous batch.

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