Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bell's is Back!

Bell's beer is back in Illinois. Sure, we've getting beer from Bell's under the Kalamazoo label, but it hasn't been the same. The "faux"-beron that I've been seeing lately is a decent summer wheat, but not quite the same as Oberon, but then again Oberon isn't even my favorite summertime Bell's beer.

Well, today I found my favorite and it's Bell's Third Coast Beer. This is not to be confused with the Third Coast Old Ale. T.C.B. is a much different product. It's a straw colored lager-like beer with American hops and an interesting grassy, yeasty nose (no doubt the result of the beer being unfiltered.) This light (roughly 12 Plato) beer has a rather tasty toasty malt flavor, pleasant bready yeastiness and crisp, moderately bitter, lingering finish. For me, it's the perfect accompaniment to a late summer afternoon. Reviews on Beer Advocate are a bit mixed; I suppose in support of this beer I would advise the consumer check the bottling date to make sure it's fresh. There is a code on the back of the bottle that can be entered on the brewery's website that tells you the bottling date. Of cousre, either you like this beer or you don't.
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