Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Bachelor

Bachelor ESB is a beer that I can remember reading about in one of legendary beer writer Michael Jackson's book Ultimate Beer. It has been a long sought after beer for me. In this book, Jackson describes the beer as, "big-tasting" and "notably firm and assertive, with a fresh dryness of American hop flavors and clean, orangy fruitiness."

I would generally agree. In addition, I notice a spicy, woody aroma and while the bitterness is fairly assertive, it is by no means over the top and tastes more restrained than the 50 IBUs (as described by the brewery's website) would suggest. The Bachelor is a heavily lauded beer with about 20 awards under it's belt (see the Bachelor ESB page on the brewery's website for a listing of all the awards.)

After a few sips, and as the beer warms up, I notice that what I really like about this beer is that it starts out fruity (orangy as MJ would describe it), but ends with solid bitterness that creates balance and a slight lingering bitterness. This is a great ale that is worth seeking out. A big thanks goes to Fred for picking this six-pack up while touring the Pacific Northwest and Ryan for sharing.

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