Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Down in the cellar with an Elizabethan Ale

Well, it's the beginning of July, which is American Beer Month. Every year I try and drink only American beer for the whole month. It never works. I always end up drinking an import and my fellow beer connoisseur Ryan was tempted by an Elizabethan treat this evening. Perhaps as the brothers of Beer Advocate have suggested, we can all enjoy a beer from a small brewery, in the proper glassware and the right environment. It seems Ryan has done just this tonight in his cellar.

A beautifully aged Harvey's Elizabethan Ale was the treat of the evening; a beer so darn good that my friend was moved to "think of chucking the Declaration of Independence in the Delaware, and put a copy of the Magna Carta in my pocket instead." It was that good. Granted, Old Ale is his favorite style, but I've had one of these beers myself. In fact, I picked up said beer at the Blue Max in Burnsville, Minnesota about at least a year ago and the particular bottle consumed was filled in 1996. Yep, that's right 1996. I don't know if you'll find another bottle from 1996, but Ryan recommends that you, "Find this beer, and treat it with dignity and respect."

Ryan's full review of the beer is at Beer Advocate.

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