Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hoppy Spring Wheat "pigged" and bottled

Tried to package this last Tuesday, but the gravity seemed high, so I let go a few more days. I didn't even bother taking a gravity reading (risky I know) and went ahead and packaged the beer into two 32 ounce brown PET bottles and one Party Pig

So far this beer has a big Amarillo hop and wheat malt flavor. A surprising toasted note, too. Quite tasty. This beer could go fast. If this initial tasting at packaging time is any indication of how this beer actually turns out I may have to brew this again. (I know I'm getting ahead of myself.)

Meanwhile, my three-gallon batch of Saison continues to sit in the secondary. I may take a reading sometime this week, if the hops ever decide to settle.

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