Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Red Ale Revisited

After killing off the rest of the red ale, I decided to try it again, mixing up some of the ingredients.

I brewed another batch a couple weeks ago, but this time I left out the eight ounces of biscuit malt, I used only Amarillo hops (instead of Amarillo and Simcoe) and I replaced the Wyeast Northwest Ale with Safale S-04. It seemed like the Wyeast didn't attenuate very well, so I thought I'd try the dry yeast, because I already had it in the fridge and thought it would make a drier beer. It turned out that I was right. I packaged the new red ale Sunday night and upon tasting it was definitely drier and even a touch more complex. This new batch is coming across a bit hoppier up front, too, which makes sense because I used more late addition hops. For this batch I steeped a half-pound each of Crystal 150L and 80L malts. I used three pounds of Munton's Light DME and 2.5 pounds of Briess Pilsner DME for the base and four ounces of Amarillo hop pellets, adding one ounce at the start of the 60 minute boil, another ounce at 30 minutes into the boil, another after 45 minutes and another ounce at then end of the boil. I chilled the wort in my sink with my immersion chiller and pitched rehydrated DCL S-04 yeast. At packaging time I split the batch between 22-ounce bottles and a Party Pig, with the pig getting an addition of an ounce of Amarillo pellets instead of the Warrior hop plug (which ended up getting pinned between the Party Pig pouch and the wall of the pig in the last batch and seemed to add virtually no hop aroma).

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