Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Copper Hook: a drinkable catch

Seen a new beer (at least new to me) from Redhook the other day called Copper Hook. I used to enjoy Redhook on tap many years ago at the Thirsty Fox Pub in St. Charles, Ill. However, I haven't been as big of fan of the beer in recent years. Still, I thought I'd see what the brewery is up to these days and try this offering. According to the brewery, Cooper Hook is brewed with caramel and Cara-Pils malts, along with Willamette and Saaz hops. The alcohol content by volume is 5.7 percent.

Poured from 12-ounce bottle into a straight-sided pint glass, the Copper Hook is a brilliant copper-colored ale. The fizzy carbonation created a brief white head that dropped to a dainty ring of bubbles. The beer smelled of a cheeseburger bun. Honestly, it had sort of a bready maltiness in the nose. The flavor was decent, crisp and lager-like with some toasted malt towards the finish and a light hop bitterness. Nothing really off-putting here (except maybe the odd hamburger bun aroma), but nothing that really makes me want to go out and buy drink a lot more of this beer. It's the kind of beer that I would grab at the airport, when I wanted a refreshing beer that was very drinkable, but not too boring. I think Copper Hook is a really drinkable beer that fits well into Redhook's portfolio of beers that may turn the macro beer drinker on to something with a little more flavor. I do believe it to be a touch strong though considering it's high drinkability. A few those could go down easy and before you know it you're head's buzzing.

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