Monday, February 18, 2008


I hadn't tapped my Party Pig of red ale in a few days, so I went to pour myself a pint...but the button on the front wouldn't I took the Pig out and placed it on the counter to get better leverage and out sprayed the beer. I managed to capture a mug's worth before the tap sputtered out, spraying yeasty sediment into the sink. The Pig was done, so I started loosening the screws on the collar as if removing the head from a drum, until I eventually had all the screws loosened. I noticed the pouch was protruding a bit from the container when all of sudden....POP! Like a ballon, the pig pouch popped, without any assistance, and sent itself flying off the counter and then landing in the cat's food bowl, but not of course, before taking some bottles on the corner with it, which went crashing to the floor. Wow.

With the accident cleaned up I'm know wondering if it's too late to brew a small two and a half gallon batch of Irish-style stout for St. Patrick's Day. I think I can do it if I keep it low-alcohol (between 3 and 4 percent) and I brew it sometime in the next week.

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