Sunday, February 10, 2008

Berliner Weisse Bottled

I filled 43 12-ounce bottles with the Berliner-style weisse today, after more than two weeks of secondary fermentation with the dregs of a bottle of 1809 Berliner Weisse (see earlier post).

The dregs of the 1809 didn't seem to add any sourness, so added a couple tablespoons of 88 percent lactic acid solution (cheating, I know). I'm planning on letting this beer sit for awhile (at least three or four months) before I seriously entertain the thought of enjoying it.

So far so good with this batch; the lactic character is certainly fairly strong, although actually sourness is muted. The beer is light and drinkable and the hops are not noticeable, so I got that part right. I think the next time I try something like this I'll try and get my hands on an actual Lactobacillus culture and actually add some grain to the fermentation to get some more "wild" character in the beer. (I've been reading that a sour mash works well for a Berliner, but that an actual lactic fermentation is better.) I added three-quarters of a cup of priming sugar to this batch, so here's hoping I don't have any bottle bombs!

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