Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Search for Quality American Lager - Part 2

I finally found it!

I've finally found some Capital Special Pilsner. I regretted not picking some up at the brewery after a visit back in November. Silly me thought that I could find some of this great beer around Chicago, and I did find some, but I had to look pretty hard. I ended up finding this beer at the Binny's in Des Plaines at the corner of Golf Road and Elmhurst Road.

I believe that Capital Special Pilsner is one of the best pilsner-style beers in America; certainly the Midwest. When fresh, this beer has an incredible hop aroma and spicy taste that is built upon a foundation of crisp pilsner and toasted malt. The finish is clean and fairly balanced with just the right amount of lingering hop bitterness. The body and the color are both light; making this a very refreshing beer.

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