Monday, December 03, 2007

The search for quality American lager

I recently made a trip to south central Wisconsin and stopped in (just before closing time) at the Capital Brewery. I hadn't been there in a few years and was rather impressed with myself that I found the place. I had a couple of friends with me who hadn't been there before and I really wanted them to see the place. We had planned to maybe take a brewery tour, but instead we just checked out the tasting room and gift shop.

We had very delicious brewery fresh pints of Capital Special Pilsner. We didn't feel the need to take any Capital beer home with us as we're lucky enough to find a good range of Capital beers in the Chicago area. However, it's been a couple weeks since our trip and I've been unable to find any Special Pilsner. I finally broke down and bought some Wisconsin Amber, sort of thinking that I was settling for something less than what I really wanted. I don't know why I was so wary; I'm thinking that I had a not-so-good bottle of Amber somewhere and that turned me off. So, I picked up a single bottle as part of mixed six-pack of beer at Trader Joe's and I have to say I wish I would have picked up a whole six-pack of the Amber; it's a very tasty lager. It's certainly not brightly hopped as the Special Pilsner, but it strikes a tasty balance between crisp toasted malts and hops. I wish more American craft brewers produced lagers as tasty as Capital.

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