Sunday, December 30, 2007

It might not be October, but...

...I'm drinking Staghorn Octoberfest from New Glarus Brewing Co. in New Glarus, Wisconsin and it's pretty darn tasty. A hazy amber-orange lager, this bottle of Staghorn does not disappoint. The nose is definitely full of malt aroma with a hint of caramel corn. Not the best aroma in a beer, but Staghorn lacks in aroma, it makes for in taste. Toasted and caramelized malts mix with just a touch of hops, paving the way through some sweet and tawny malt flavors towards a fairly dry and somewhat tart finish. A nutty character emerges as this lager warms up, making it even more enjoyable. The complex flavors are somewhat difficult to describe, so I'll just sum up by saying that this is definitely my favorite fest beer of 2007.

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