Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Good brew? Czech!

I stumbled upon a very dry Bohemian Pilsner called BrouCzech. I found it at Trader Joe's the other day for around $6 a six-pack. Apparently it's made at the Nova Paka brewery in the Czech Republic. Their seems to be a decent webiste for the beer, but I'm not finding much buzz about the brand elsewhere on the Internet (RateBeer, BA, etc.).

BrouCzech Pilsner is a deep golden, almost amber pils with a really wonderful nose that exhibits a combination of grassy, spicy hops and an almost cinnamon-like aroma of toasted malt. It's a very smooth lager whose Saaz hop character reminds of what Pilsner Urquell used to taste like some years ago. This is a beer that tastes so pure I swear I can taste the minerals in the water the brewery used for brewing. I'm really diggin' this brew this evening. Kudos to the Downers Grove Trader Joe's for stocking this beer!

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