Sunday, November 18, 2007

Heavy Handed IPA - Addendum

I felt the urge to post an update on a beer I wrote about in my last post: Heavy Handed IPA from Two Brothers Brewing Co. in Warrenville, Illinois. I happened to find another batch or lot number of this wet-hopped ale. The particular version I found is hopped entirely with Cluster hops.

The Cluster hop version of this beer looks the same; slightly amber color, good bright white foam with good head retention. The aroma is earthy and oddly floral, probably fruiter than the Willamette hopped version that I tasted in my last post. The Cluster version tastes fruiter and sweeter than the Willamette, too, (at least in the middle) with a very late and muted burst of hop bitterness. The hoppiness and bitterness builds in intensity with each sip. A very tasty version of this beer, that I probably appreciate a little more than the Willamette version and I'm not sure why -- possibly because of the earthy and floral (less spicy hops).

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