Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Bier on Black Friday

I'm tasting Dark Horse Black Bier on a Black Friday.

This very dark Dark Horse brew pours pitch black and bit shy in the carbonation department. I'm not surprised, as this is one thick brew -- thick and alcoholic -- as I notice that this has "legs" much like a fine wine. The aromas are intense with black currants and dark chocolate along with the suggestion of port wine. The fairly how carbonation keeps this beer smooth as silk, black silk with magnificent cocoa and espresso flavors along with a good smack of hop and roasted grain bitterness. This beer comes across much bigger than it's 7.5 percent alcohol by volume suggests. This is a very delicious black beer that drinks more or less like a Russian Imperial Stout, but the brewery is coy about style, simply calling it a black ale. I like the fact that the brewers didn't feel the need to call this a stout or porter, they simply wanted to make a really dark, black ale and that's what they called it.

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