Monday, October 15, 2007

Roastaroma Ale bottled

I bottled the Roastaroma Ale (sort of my take on an old Charlie Papazian recipe) yesterday with some decent results. The beer smelled and tasted okay after sitting for 18 days in the secondary. This fermentation was much longer than I intended; other parts of my life got in the way of my homebrewing and frankly, I was a bit scared of what was happening to my beer as it continued to ferment at temperatures between 80 and 83 degrees. I ended up filling 24 22-ounce "bomber" bottles of what could turn out to be an interesting brown ale. Perhaps the only flaw I noticed was a light green apple aroma. This could be something bad like acetaldehyde, but it may also be something that age may subdue. I guess most importantly, the batch appears to be devoid of really obviously nasty off flavors.

In other news, it seems an infection caught up with a saison-style beer I brewed back in late July. This is really disappointing because the beer seemed quite good at first. In fact, I raved about how good it tasted and posted a picture in an earlier blog entry. Lately, the bottles I've been opening have been prone to excessive foaming and I've noticed the tell-tale ring around the neck. I used some of these bottles for my most recent batch, but scrubbed and cleaned them with B-Brite, then rinsed them, then sanitized them with a Iodophor solution. However, the tragedy has already been magnified, as I re-pitched the saison yeast for a cherry ale that I made a few weeks ago and sure enough, many of these bottles have a ring at fill level and some even have a milky looking substance floating on top of the beer. Reading some other blogs and homebrew forums, I'm thinking it's time to get some new siphoning equipment and a new bottling bucket.

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