Thursday, September 13, 2007

Something else from St. Louis

I recently had the opportunity to try a new beer from St. Louis (no, it's not made by Budweiser). The beer is Schlafly Pale Ale. Thanks go to my friend Ryan for picking up a the bottles on his way to Kansas City. As you can see, the Schlafly Pale Ale (pictured to the right) is a light amber pale ale with incredible head retention. It is definitely more of an English-style pale ale, with a robust malt character and fairly thick, silky mouthfeel. Spicy hops up front on the palate increase the enjoyment of this ale. An English cookie-like maltiness is very pleasant and the right amount of slightly citric hop bitterness puts the hops and malts pretty much perfectly in balance. About halfway through this serving of ale, a fairly thick Brussels lace has coated one side of the glass. Schlafly has a very pretty, pleasant tasting pale ale here.

In the coming days I'll be sipping my way through an assortment from the Boulevard Brewing Co., very appreciatively brought back by Ryan to northeastern Illinois (where Boulevard was once distributed) from its source in Kansas City.


jeff said...

not sure if you meant "new" as in "new to you" or "brand new, but Schlafly started in 1989.

next time you're in st louis, look for their APA. it's much better.

they're a good small'ish brewery with about six standards always on tap and six seasonals. every september they hold "hop in the city" where they have all 40-some beers they make available. great time.

hope you got some bully! porter from boulevard. yum. let it warm up a bit before starting in. it's great around 60.

--jeff in kc

Marc said...

jeff -

I meant "new to me". I need to get down to St. Louis and try more Schlafly beers and APA is on my list for sure.

Bully! Porter is an old favorite of mine from when I was in college at Western Illinois University in the early 1990s and I agree with you about letting it warm up. A buddy of mine brought back the Schlafly and Boulevard, but he grabbed a couple of the Boulevard brews I haven't tried yet.