Monday, August 27, 2007

Stiegl not a steal

I'm back at Trader Joe's, buying food and of course, beer.

I'm entranced by the pretty beige and red antique-looking labels on the little green bottles of Salzburger Stiegl. I've noticed the six-packs before, but I've always balked at the $10 price tag. I've had Stiegl on tap before and it was fairly memorable as a smooth, balanced lager. Perhaps that's what was really enticing about those little green bottles, tucked inside their protective cardboard jacket. I had the taste for a smooth, refreshing, lager and it turns out that Stiegl delivered what I wanted: a light golden lager that is neither too sweet or too bitter; malty or hoppy with a soft mouthfeel. This Stiegl beer is a smooth drinker; a very quaffable session beer. So, why then, am I paying $10 for six 11.2-ounce bottles of this stuff?

I'm mostly enjoying my Stiegl six-pack, but at $10 a six for a lager beer, I expect to wowed with a lot of complexity (think double bock) or treated to a wonderful hop aroma and flavor. The Salzburger Stiegl is neither complicated or wonderfully hoppy (the aroma is slightly grainy), so I feel a bit cheated. I'm not calling this the Labatt Blue of Austria (as the folks over at A Good Beer Blog have), but for $10 I'm going to buy some K├Ânig or some Jever.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, $10/sixer seems WAY overpriced for Stiegl. That's weird. Next time, pop over to Sal's and see if they still have 12-ers of Bitburger for $8.99. THAT, my friend, is a quite a value!