Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Biere de Garde six months later

About six months ago I bottled a beer that I was hoping would turn out to be in the style of a Biere de Garde. A few weeks after bottling I thought it didn't taste malty enough to be a BDG and I started thinking of it as a Belgian-style Pale Ale. Since then, it's Biere de Garde features have been coming out. Tasting this beer six months after bottling, I'd say it has some qualities of a BDG (fairly clean, hops are distant), but the mouthfeel is lacking, especially up front. However, what I'm especially impressed with is the appearance: the absolutely rocky, meringue-like head that is created when this beer is poured. I'm willing to bet this had to do with a lot of things: sanitation, the yeast strain, the amount of priming sugar used and the addition of a pound of torrefied wheat to the grain bill.

Overall, time has mad me a believer that Wyeast XL 3787 can make a Biere de Garde if given the time. The beer will be phenolic at first, but the esters will fade almost completely away given enough time (about six months, in this case).

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