Monday, May 21, 2007

It's the time of the season for Saison

Last night I decided it was time to rack the Saison. The fermentation lock had quieted down and it didn't want the beer to sit in plastic any longer. I checked the gravity and it fallen about from 1.056 to 1.015, which is an apparent attenuation of only 72 percent. I've witnessed very little fermentation activity so far (maybe a little bubble every few minutes), but I know the yeast working, and will let it have all the time it wants.

I decided that with this batch of Saison I would let the yeast express itself and not add any spices. With this in mind, I tasted the beer out of the primary and was rather impressed. The beer was a very hazy orange color with an aroma that was phenolic at first, but then fruity. I didn't detect anything overtly funky. The taste was mostly a touch sweet up front and rather juicy (a touch too full for the style; not surprising at this at this point), with a very mildy bitter and peppery finish. I'm sure the flavors will change quite a bit in the coming weeks and months.

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