Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Blonde bombshell

I've got blonde ale fermenting with Safale S-04 and at high krausen, the fermentation lock got clogged and the yeast activity blew the lid off the fermenter. Now that's a healthy fermentation! This is a simple beer that is all extract, most of it added towards the end of the boil to avoid excessive caramelization of the wort. I used Simcoe hops (but rather judiciously at about 20-25 IBUs with an original gravity between 12 and 13 Plato). The bulk of the extract I used (and added a the end of the boil) was Williams Maris Otter liquid extract. I've brewed all grain before with Maris Otter, so I'm curious if I can notice a signature "Maris Otter" flavor in this beer, which I guess is a hybrid English-American blonde ale.

Also, I recently discovered a case of homebrew that I had secreted away for the last eight months. (I outsmarted myself by labeling the box "empty bottles".) Anyhow, this beer that I found was my Autumnal Ale, which I brewed last August. It was light brown, spiced ale fermented with Wyeast 3725 Biere de Garde in the primary and Safale T-58 right before bottling, which made the beer very dry. It has turned out at least as good as the version I did in 2004, even though I changed the spices -- using fenugreek, cardamom and black pepper. It's an odd combination, but I think it works -- the beer is rather tasty!

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