Friday, March 09, 2007

B.P.A. bottled

Well, what I'm now calling a Belgian Pale Ale has been bottled. Nothing too special to report, except that I switched sanitizers for this batch and used One Step instead of iodophor. I have a feeling that I'll switch back, as the One Step seemed NOT to dissolve very well. I had a good yield on this batch, as I filled two cases of 22-ounce bottles. Something else to note about this batch is that I primed with dry malt extract instead of corn sugar.
I think this beer could turn out to be quite tasty; like a drier, slightly hoppier version of Fat Tire form New Belgium. When sampled from the secondary, this beer poured a hazy amber (sort of the color of Orval) with a strong, but pleasant phenolic aroma. The malt flavors mix well; biscuit and cookie-like tastes mix with caramel and play well wtih the anise-like hops and some tropical fruit esters. Finish is dry and a bit bitter. Belgian Pale Ale or phenolic Biere de Garde?