Tuesday, January 16, 2007

American Bitter

I've brewed a beer I'm calling an American Bitter. I did a partial mash with Briess two-row barley, 10L crystal malt, Alexander's Pale Malt Extract and some Simcoe hop pellets, along with some Burton water salts. I fermented this with Fermentis S-04 yeast. Why am I calling it an American Bitter? Well, the beer was brewed to pretty low gravity of 1.040 (a session ale) with English (Whitbread) yeast and Burton water salts, but with American hops and an aggressive hopping rate of 44 IBUs -- an Americanized version bitter -- don't you think?
I racked the beer to two Party Pigs last night straight from the primary fermenter along with no more than a quarter-ounce of hop pellets in each vessel. This beer is certainly the lightest-colored beer I've ever brewed. I achieved this light color using a "late extract" process (doing a partial mash, boiling the resulting wort and adding extract in the last five minutes of the boil). This is the second batch I've brewed using this method with apparent success. Now, I'm hoping the ale conditions well in the Pigs and turns out as tasty as it was from the fermenter.
I'm not sure what my next batch will be; I still have at least a case of IPA left and some of my Autumnal Ale (strong maple brown) that I brewed back in August of last year.