Monday, November 06, 2006

Dry Stout "Pigged"

I neglected to mention that I brewed a dry stout a couple weeks ago. This stout has since fermented completely and been packaged into two Party Pigs. This stout is something like the fourth or fifth stout I've brewed in recent years, and is roasty and not quite as dry as I thought it might be. This I'm blaming on the Bulldog English malt extract that I used. I've since read that this English extract is higher in dextrins than Muntons. So, I have a slightly full-bodied low alcohol (3.5 percent) roasty stout. This should be a good session beer, especially poured with a creamy froth from the Party Pigs. Next up I'm brewing an IPA, something along the lines of Bell's Two Hearted Ale and I even plan on culturing some of the Bell's yeast. (I've done this before with pretty good results, it's a very attenuative strain.)