Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Anxiety Ale (Again)

Since my last attempt at a "session beer" went horribly awry, I decided to try again, except this time I kept the recipe really simple: I just used malt extract and hops no grains. It's what I've always done when I've brewed a bad batch; I go back to basics. Well, this new batch of bitter (which I'm calling Anxiety Ale) has done just fine. I tapped the second Party Pig of this beer tonight and it's a tasty, low alcohol bitter. The body is fairly full, but the maltiness is balanced well with the hops and a slight tartness from the yeast. Again, this was a really simple batch of just one can of Bulldog Amber LME and one pound of Cooper's DME, along with some Sterling bittering hops and Simcoe dry hops (a quarter ounce in each Pig). The dry hops added a fairly pronounced hop aroma and a touch of hop flavor.

Also, my "maple" brown ale has turned out pretty well. Adding fenugreek to the Kitty Kat Biere has added a distinctive maple syrup flavor. So far, this beer has turned out to be light in body and very dry, perhaps a little drier and lighter in body than I had hoped. I'm going to try not disturb any more of it for a couple more months.