Sunday, September 10, 2006

What smells?

While I averted disaster with a non-carbonating Party Pig, one of the my lastest batches got badly infected. I'm not sure how it got infected, but after dumping the batch I cleaned up all my equipment and let everything soak in fairly strong bleach solution. I threw out one hose that was a bit discolored, which I suppose could've been the issue. How do I know the batch was rotten? Well, it had a real nasty chemical/industrial smell to it. It also tasted extremely bitter to the point of being unpleasant. So, for both of these reasons, I dumped the beer. The bitterness may have just been due to over-hopping the batch, but the nasty industrial odor just seemed really wrong.

Meanwhile, I've bottled the Kitty Kat Biere (see below) and I'm hoping for pretty good results. Althought this beer is a bit lighter in color than I expected (more of an amber than a brown color), I was very pleased with how it tasted. Of course, a lot could change after conditioning, but so far this beer has a wonderfully nutty, earthy character to it and finishes very dry.