Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More Party Pig woes

After brewing the Sleepy Wheet, I brewed an IPA. I used a half ounce of Sterling pellet hops every 15 minutes during the 60 minute boil. The rest of the recipe included 6.6 pounds of Munton's Extra Light liquid malt extract, some light crystal, some dextrin and some pale ale malts. I used the US-56 dry yeast (sprinkled right on top of the cooled wort) and let if fermnet for eight days in the primary (plastic) and another 14 days on more Sterling dry hops in secondary (glas carboy).

All was going well (beer tasted wonderfully fruity-hoppy) until I "pigged" the beer. I let the first Party Pig sit for two weeks before tapping, but the container had no carbonation after pouring the first couple pints. It also became evident that the pressure pouch inside had not activated and that the pig wasn't properly pressurized. At this time, I decided to open up the pig and rack the contents to a bucket to be bottled. I mixed in a quarter cup of malt extract for carbonation (the beer had already had a very light carbonation) and I'm planning on popping open a bottle in a couple more weeks. Meanwhile, I'm anxious about tapping the second pig and letting it condition a little longer before moving it to the fridge. I'm thinking two to three weeks of conditioning should be good (seeing that I used malt extract for priming).

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