Sunday, August 20, 2006

Busy day

Brewed up a new recipe today. I'm bucking the trend of big brews with what could be best described as a British ordinary bitter -- except that I'm using American hops -- Simcoe, to be precise. Here's the recipe formulated with Promash. The only modification to the recipe that I made in brewing was that I mashed for something more like a half hour than 15 minutes. Since I did a partial mash, I used a large grain bag instead of my full Gott cooler setup. I plan on adding the dry hops at kegging. I'll put in a quarter-ounce of Simcoe in each Party Pig (my preferred kegging option). I'm really looking forward to a draft pint of this low alcohol session ale.

I also racked my Kitty Kat Biere (inspired by Jolly Pumpkin La Rioja) today. It tasted rather alcoholic and quite complex, with some unusual bitter flavors (probably due to the cardamom I added late in the boil). Here's the recipe for the Kitty Kat -- except that I substituted cardamom, fenugreek and black pepper (about a tablespoon each) for the ginger. This is a very experimental brew.

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