Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pigs foaming at the mouth...but the kitchen is done!

First the bad (well, not so good) news...I've been slowly tapping the two Party Pigs of IPA (see earlier posts); slowly draining because they are over-carbonated. The first Pig wasn't too bad, but I've been tapping the second one for the last couple weeks and it pours nothing but foam. Fortunately, the foam settles and the beer is quite tasty. It's just a pain in the butt having to fill a liter-sized glass to get a pint of beer.

The good (if not great news) is that I've brewed a light wheat beer with some spices, chief among them chamomile, that is quite good so far. After a primary fermentation of about five days, then a secondary fermentation of about five more, I filled two dozen 22-ounce bottles with bubble-gummy wheat. I've learned that adding a couple ounces of chamomile to your wheat beer will give it a delicious juicy bubble gum flavor. I also added some black pepper and about tablespoon and a half of coriander and orange peel, but the chamomile is the standout ingredient so far. The yeast I used for this batch is the new Wyweast 3586 Belgian-Canadian (Unibroue?) yeast. I'd report my finding with this yeast, but I think the spices are probably mingling with a lot of the esters a bit too much to report on what flavors the yeast may be adding to the beer. However, I can report that this yeast seems a lot less phenolic than I thought.