Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bad Bitter, better IPA? I hope so.

Wish I could say the Bitter turned out really well, but it didn't. I filled two Party Pigs of this beer that sat for weeks and turned with a nasty sort of plastic aroma and flavor (although the flavor to a lesser extent.) I'm not sure what caused this and from what I've read it could've been a lot of different things, but one step I've taken to prevent another episode of "plastic beer" is to replace my primary (plastic) fermenter. I noticed several deep scratches in the bottom of the olf fermenter, so I purchased a new one, which is a Williams siphonless.
So, after some mourning, I decided to brew another beer and now I have two "pigs" filled with a sort of Summit clone IPA. It was a partial mash beer (mostly mash) with Warrior hops. The particulars can be found here.