Sunday, January 08, 2006

I brewed something along the lines of a special bitter today. I used 12 pounds of British Maris Otter malt along with a half pound of Briess Special Roast, an ounce of Willamette "first wort" hops and another ounce of Goldings added for the entire 70 minute boil. I brewed this in typical fashion, collecting about four gallons of wort and diluting with another two gallons or so of spring water for a five-gallon batch, due to the half gallon or more lost to evaporation. Brewing is such way, I ended up with a gravity of 1.040 which was pretty low, even after dilution. I'm planning on splitting the batch between two party pigs because my experience is that lower gravity beers like English bitters taste better on draft. I used a fully inflated Wyeast Activator pack of Northwest Ale yeast and I'm hoping I can package the beer in about a week.

Meanwhile, the porter is delicious, and I'm trying not to drink it all up. I'm not sure what the next batch will be, maybe a stronger porter or stout, or even a hoppy brown ale.