Thursday, October 06, 2005

Clan Morrison Bride Ale

I brewed a Scottish ale today for my friend Ryan's wedding coming up in November. It should turn out to be something like an 80-shilling with a gravity of between 12-13 Plato. I used a total of 14 pounds of grain. This included 10 pounds of British Maris Otter, two pounds of British amber malt, one pound of Scottish peated malt and one pound of flaked oats. I used Kent Goldings hops at 4 percent alpha acid in an amount equal to about 20 IBUs, which I'm hoping is just right for this beer. (You might be thinking that 14 pounds of grain is a lot for a beer of only 12-13 Plato, but I only collect 3.5 to four gallons of wort, which I then dilute with 1.5 to two gallons of water and I've been getting about a 50 percent mash efficiency.) I used Wyeast 1056 for this beer instead of the #1728 which is the Scottish strain, which I thought might produce too many esters, since it's still a bit warm in the kitchen. I like to taste the grains that I use and the Maris Otter malt was wonderfully sweet with a cookie like character -- really good stuff.
The sparge was slower than the other all-grain batches I've brewed this year, taking about 45 minutes. I'm going to assume this is because I mashed more grain than the previous batches. I stopped the flow out of my mash-lauter tun (Gott cooler) to recirculate some of the cloudy wort and had difficulty getting the flow started again. Next time I'll try scooping wort out of the kettle without stopping the flow.

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