Sunday, August 14, 2005

A boring blonde?

After almost a month in the bottle, I think the Hoppy Blonde Ale is pretty much what it's going to be. The aroma is slightly malty and estery with a hint of corn, which suggests some problems with DMS. The color is pretty good (a light gold), but and carbonation is pretty much perfect, but the aroma seems a bit off. Although I calculated this beer at 40-something IBUs, the hops seem to be lacking a bit, with the malt asserting itself more than I thought. If I brewed this recipe again, I would probably reduce the amount of CaraPils (dextrine) malt from 15 percent to 10 or maybe even 5 percent. Or, I might leave out the dextrine malt and use a little bit of flaked or torrefied wheat instead. The batch turned out okay, it's just a bit boring.

Meanwhile, I've the got the ingredients together for another batch of the Spicy Blonde Ale, except that I bought White Labs Wit (WLP400) instead the Wyeast Belgian Ardennes. The guy at the brew shop told me that it would ferment fairly clean at high temperatures, but after doing some research about this strain it seems I could end up with a bit of tartness in this brew. I guess I'll experiment and see what happens.

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