Sunday, February 27, 2005

Another Extra Hoppy Amber Ale

Another extra hoppy (read: IPA) amber ale is born. This time I'm mashing with a new system. I've removed the Zymico Kewler Kit from my five-gallon Gott cooler and replaced it with a Phil's Phalse Bottom. Lautering was slower than with the Kewler Kitz and mesh screen, but no stuck mash. I mashed 12 pounds of malt and added a half pound of corn sugar (about four percent of the overal grain bill) to kick up the strength a little bit. Hopped like an IPA, with the expected reddish color of an amber ale, this beer is turning into a favorite. I plan on alternating the hoppy version with a more balanced version throughout the coming year, with an occasional Belgian ale or stout brewed here and there. I replaced the Munich malt used in previous versions of this beer with Mild Malt. I also used a extrodinarily long saccharification rest. The extra long rest for this brew was due to a longer than expected lunch break. At least I know I rinsed all the sugars from the grain! It will be interesting to see if this beer is more fully attenuated than over beers I've brewed with a shorter rest. Here's the recipe for this batch.

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