Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Too Hot to Brew?

It's been too hot to brew and almost too hot to even drink beer. My stock of homebrew includes my Belgian Triple (more a dark strong ale), the Double IPA, the Gall Bladder Wheat, Saison Morency and a little bit of Cherry Stout. I checked the IPA for carbonation last week and it was almost perfect. The beer is much stronger than I thought and not quite as over the top hoppy as I hoped. It should last a very, very long time in the bottle and mature nicely. The wheat has gone pretty fast -- it's been a popular beer. I've been holding back as much of the Saison as possible. It turned out very well and has right amount of esters. It has a rather dry finish, almost like a really good pilsner. The cherry stout is over-carbonated, but still tasty, and a bit sweeter than some months ago. The Triple is really a strange beer. It has a rather remarkable bitterness for its 30 to 34 IBUs. It is also quite dark, almost a light brown and is darker than I had hoped. I'm blaming the color change on the caramelization of sugars in the ketttle. It's something that's hard to avoid on my electric stove.