Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Frightful IPA Bottled

Busy, busy. Bottled up the IPA last Friday with help of my friend Ryan. (We didn't drink too much of the zwickel bier, which was good.) The IPA is an insanely hoppy and strong beer; best I can tell it's about 8.5 alcohol and 100 IBUs -- which makes it more a "double" or "Imperial" IPA. It ending up sitting in the carboy for more than a month, but seemed not to suffer. Most of this batch won't be consumed for several months.

Yesterday I bottled the Gall Bladder Wheat, also known as Gall Bladder Head. It's not quite as hoppy as I thought it would be but that's okay. I wasn't sure if the yeast (Safbrew T-58) would add that much character or not, it seems to have added a slightly tart character, with a bit of smoke in the aroma -- very interesting. The body is light and the flavor of the wheat is very prominent. It's going to be a good summer beer and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out using such simple ingredients.

Meanwhile, the Saison is continuing to mature with the hops not quite as bright as before and more of the wheat malt flavor coming through. I haven't opened a Tripel in awhile, but the last I did it was quite good, with very strong vanilla notes emerging.