Sunday, May 02, 2004

Wheat? No, wait Imperial IPA!

I was thinking about making a light wheat ale the other day, but I changed course rather drastically and I brewed a strong IPA. Each year, I make a strong and extra-hopped ale that I call Old Frightful, and this is it. I've saved bottles of previous vintages for a year or two and they tend to age very well. The bulk of the fermentables came from 10 pounds of extra light liquid malt extract bought from Listermann in Ohio. I've never brewed with this particular bulk malt extract. It was really cheap at $2.25 a pound. We'll see if it makes good beer. I added some grains leftover from previous batches including some Caravienne, 2-row pale ale, CaraMunich, Munich and just a little bit of Special B making for a bit of hodge-podge and what will probably be a darker brew than I think.

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